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Indian Government Requires Reroofing After Disaster

UPDATE: 10 Sept. 2004

The old dorm roof was removed

The construction has begun! But to cover only half of it will run about $1,500.00. Beth says $445 has been received or committed. So slightly more than two-thirds remains to be covered. She wrote:

When I first mentioned an estimate for materials, I said it would likely take $1,000 US to finish a new PVC roof on the building. My husband made me go back and correct that to $800. Well, he and I both have been wrong in our estimates. So far we have purchased materials for only half the buiding area, and the cost has already run well over $1,500. We have decided to do only one end until we can arrange for more funds to finish the whole thing. That is all we can do right now, but even then we need more than has come in.
Getting up the supports for the new PVC roof

This new roof was required by the government after a school fire killed 90 children. See below how you can help.

ORIGINAL POST: After a school fire killed 90 children in Kumbakonam, south of Chennai (formerly, Masdras), in Southern India, the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu required schools, private and public, to replace all grass roofs. So the Chennai Teacher Training School, which prepares Christian preachers, will have to remove the palm leaves of the dormitory roof and replace it with PVC (the most inexpensive option). The school is coordinated by Dennis and Beth Johnson.

A picture of the school dormitory from Lock Street.

Beth wrote of the above picture: "The buildings have been painted white since this photo was made, but it shows what we are dealing with. The building behind it is of the bath house/latrine. The tiny room on the front of the dorm is the cook shack."

Aerial picture of part of city of Chennai

Please consider contributing to help recover this roof. One person has already sent $400 to cover the cost, which will reach perhaps $800, including labor and pipe to attach the PVC to the brick.

You may send your contribution, in any amount, directly to their sponsoring church at this address:

HILLCREST CHURCH OF CHRIST 2535 North West Loop, Stephenville, TX 76401 Phone: (254) 968-8167

Or send it to the Johnsons' daughter, who will deposit it into their account:

Ferah Glott 1101 Sioux Trail West Columbia, SC 29210

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Job is finished!

Beth wrote the following today:

"I have been off line for quite a while, but I needed to touch base to let everyone know that the roofing project for our school has been completed. One family donated the last $1,000 from his tax return bringing us to our goal.

I certainly appreciated all the donations from people on this list and want to thank everyone for their care and concern. My deepest thanks goes to brother Randal for his expertise in creating the website which no doubt was greatly instrumental in raising the funds. Thanks to one and all."

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