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November report: 'The Jesus We All Need'

Zeal for God's house

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Brazilian Zeal

2 November 2004 • São José dos Campos (SP) Brazil •
Monthly report • J. Randal Matheny

‘The Jesus We All Need’

After preaching a series of sermons in the new Taubaté
church on “The Jesus Brazil Needs,” the Guarulhos
church, in the greater São Paulo area, chose this theme
for my time with them on October 23.

Some 40 people participated in the five-hour event.

Valdir Silva, from the Pimentas congregation (planted
by the Guarulhos church in the same city), liked it so
much, he’s using the material for a series in his
congregation and has invited me to speak there at least
once in November or December.

For an idea of this series see my article “The Jesus We
All Need” in Forthright Magazine:

When Jesus praises people

October 31, I finished up the sermon series
“Compliments Jesus Paid” in the Taubaté congregation.

In the SJC church, I’m also preaching this semester,
getting near the end of a series on the list of words
in Philippians 4:8. Earlier, I preached a series on
gospel summaries in the NT.

In our Sunday Bible school at SJC, I’ve been leading a
study of missions since July. This is important for us
in a region of millions with so few Christians.

Studies held in city without church

In our entire region only two churches meet, in SJC and
Taubaté. Our brother Jorge and Paula Santana are
teaching relatives of Paula’s and neighbors of theirs
in their home town of Guaratinguetá. (For a map of our
region, see the PDF report.)

On October 16, Vicki, Leila, and I visited this study
group as I encouraged the 10 people present to be the
firstfruits in that city of some 100,000.

No pics this report

Joel served at the Mt. Of Olives Christian camp in
July, camped his last time during the third week (for
14-17 yr. olds), and joined several others for an
experimental fourth week.

It was during the latter period, with few people and no
security guards, that someone stole into camp and
carried off our digital camera. So we don’t have any
pictures to share this report.

No takers, so I’m doing it

Our websites were in desperate need of work, so since
nobody volunteered (and it’s hard to comandeer help
from thousands of miles away), I’m working hard on
updating them with new software.

One great possibility is offering online courses for
minsterial training to Brazilians Christians. I
successfully installed a program, used by universities
and colleges world-wide, that manages courses,
teachers, and students in one excellent package.

You can get a preview of the online course site here:

Now to get teachers to put their courses online! Pray
this may be a useful tool for the Kingdom.

Edification Magazine

We’re working hard to keep the magazine published. Due
to problems and sickness, the printer kept one issue an
entire month. Doesn’t help our schedule much.

Another regional oportunity

On October 24 a Christian couple visited us at the SJC
congregation who had moved from São Paulo to the coast
city of São Sebastião. They have had some Sunday
meetings, but hope to begin something regularly. So we
have yet another point in our region to work and
establish the gospel. (For a map of our region, see the
PDF report.)

SJC men meet monthly

The men began a monthly meeting in September, at the
same time as the women, on the fourth Saturday of each
month. Both groups meet at 3 p.m. for study and prayer.
The first meeting in September, I led the study. Since
I was gone to Guarulhos em October, Otavio Carvalho
coordenated that month’s meeting.

Writing for a construction magazine, of all things

A man who picked up some of our material which we’d
left in a store contacted me to write a column for his
new construction magazine for our region.

The first issue was published in September, and my
column focused on “voting” for He who changes lives.
Sepember was election month in Brazil, as voters chose
mayors and aldermen.

I hope to have a pdf version of the cover of the
magazine and of the page of my article, and will post
it on the BZeal page as soon as I receive it from the

This represents yet another opportunity to place the
good news in hands that otherwise would never have
heard it.

Women’s Conference

Vicki and Leila participated October 29-30 at the
women’s conference in São Paulo, with 10 other ladies
from the SJC and Taubaté congregations. Reports are
upwards of 400 women attended.

Family focus

Joel and Leila both finished up another year of school
at the end of October. I’ve taken Leila out for ice
cream – our standard celebration procedure–, but Joel
is still waiting for his.

Vicki had surgery on her face to remove a skin cancer,
but aside from a small bandage she’s wearing for three
months, all went well.

She’ll have another small growth removed November 4. In
mid-September, Vicki and I started walking at 6 a.m.
every morning except Sundays.

Leila has been giving flute recitals with her music
school in various locations, and in November she’ll be
in the group to play in the old City Hall.

Micah started his second year at Freed-Hardeman
University. Having passed the culture shock stage, he’s
finding it more pleasant that the first year.

Orphanage ups and downs

The Lar Cristão orphanage sponsored the first Regional
Encounter for Gospel Workers August 14. About 40 men
from nine congregations were present.

October 10 the Lar Cristão inaguarated a new cottage
that will hold up to 10-12 children.

The following Sunday, 17, however, a storm did over
$1000 damage to various buildings. Thankfully, no
children or employees were harmed.

Several area churches have sent help to repair the
damages. If you would be interested in helping also,
please contact us.

The Brazilian Zeal newsletter reports on the work of
the J. Randal Matheny family in the city of São José
dos Campos (São Paulo state), located between São Paulo
and Rio de Janeiro.

Mailing Address: Caixa Postal 11 – São José dos Campos,
SP – 12201-970 Brazil

Telephone: home: 011-55-12 3942-7753; office: 011-55-12

Email: brazil@randalmatheny.com

Web site: randalmatheny.com

Sponsor: Center Hill church of Christ, Paragould, Ark.

Supporting churches

Center Hill, Paragould, Ark. (sponsor) 870-239-8032
Acton, Michie, Tenn.
Baker Heights, Abilene, Tex.
Iuka, Miss.
Lemalsamac, Newbern, Tenn.
Mtn. Home, Paragould, Ark.
Somers Avenue, North Little Rock, Ark.

Note: You can download the PDF version of this report
at randal.fastmail.fm

BZeal focuses on the progress of the gospel in Brazil and
around the world. Please share this email with friends.

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